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"Smell loss is one of the earliest and strongest predictors of SARS-CoV-2 infection,

Compared with objective testing, subjective olfactory assessments significantly underreport olfactory dysfunction.”

– Carol Yan, MD – University of California San Diego

“One thing that’s become very important with COVID-19 is that there’s no single symptom that is universal for everyone who has the disease, but one of the most common is smell loss, especially early, sudden smell loss.

There are a growing number of studies that suggest 50% to 70% of individuals with COVID-19, even if they don’t have another symptom, are experiencing smell loss”

– Steven Munger, Director of the University of Florida’s Center of Smell and Taste







As COVID-19 cases continue to climb, a new study by researchers at UC San Diego suggests there is a cheap and easy way to screen people for the virus: a smell test.

The researchers found that a scratch-and-sniff test featuring a single scent was able to detect 75 percent of people infected with COVID compared to a hospital-grade diagnostic, according to a study published.

– Derek Staahl – ABC 10 News


SniffDeez are “Symptom” tests for coronavirus. Research shows that our nose is a powerful secret weapon to help identify COVID-19 as up to 85% of people infected with the coronavirus experience loss of smell. Identifying loss of smell, aka anosmia, is up to 27x times more specific indicator than a temperature test.

This is due to the nature of the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus, which binds ACE2 Receptors that are enriched – 500 fold in top of the nose. Thus a unique feature of COVID-19 is a loss of smell even without a stuffy or runny nose that is typical of the flu.

Early Detection Of Smell Loss

The SniffDeez smell test was developed by an international research team to quickly and easily detect loss of the sense of smell. Various studies have shown that the loss of the sense of smell can be a sign of illness.

With the SniffDeez smell test you are able to rapidly test your sense of smell easily and immediately detect & react to any possible change.


A Revolutionary Humanitarian Response

With this revolutionary smell test you can directly determine a change in your olfactory ability in 4 simple steps.

The test procedure was developed by American Professor Toomre of Yale University and has been mentioned in leading journals and major media.

Secure & Encrypted: No names & no personal information is required for the SniffDeez smell test.

Family Smart Detection test result Immediately.

The SniffDeez smell test is suitable for both adults and children due to its ease of use. All you need for testing is our new SniffDeez smell test cards and access to the internet.

The smell test takes an average of 1 to 3 mins to complete and then shows you the results.



#1 - SCAN

Get a smell test and a device to scan the QR Code. After you have your SniffDeez cards, you will need a device with a camera and internet capability to scan the QR Code for access to the webpage.

Now scan the barcode of your smell test card via the web page. The application needs access to your camera in order to scan the barcode on the test card and to interpret the odor patterns contained on the test card.

Access is only for the scanning process and is then terminated so that you can start testing.



Rub surface gently

Please keep the webpage open and your personal smell test card to hand. Now start to roughen the coating of field 1 (e.g. fingertip or with a coin or pen cap). Note that for reasons of hygiene, no abrasion should occur. Then smell the test field.

Now select the corresponding odor mark on the page and identify on the display on your phone.

Continue with this procedure with the next test field,
continuously up to test field number 5.

Please always check whether your entry has been
correctly entered and highlighted visually.


#3 - SMELL

Identify the flavor perceived.

SNIFFDEEZ smell test comes in different scents for cognitive identification.

The degree of scents in each scratch panel varies for evaluation purpose.



Identify scent sniffed on the card by selecting same on your phone.

REPEAT sequence through to step 5

Find out your test result directly


After you have entered and confirmed your selection for the respective fields, the information will be compared with the correct answers in the system. You will immediately receive the evaluation of your test result.

It is recommended to carry out the test at regular intervals of 3 days in order to be able to react quickly to a possible change in your olfactory ability. Please dispose of the respective smell test card of your rapid test after a single use.

“The novel screen had a sensitivity of 75%

and specificity of 95.2% in detecting COVID-19, compared with polymerase chain reaction (PCR) testing from nasopharyngeal swabs.”

– Carol Yan, MD of University of California San Diego


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Who needs it...

Hospitals. Corporations. Schools. Governments. Institutions...

make your environment safer

The questions that arise from the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic remains…

1. What is currently being done?

2. What are the effects and cost implications associated to regular clinical screening for corporations and organizations?

3. What are you doing to mitigate the spread?

Benefits to Corporations

1. Early detection: Detects COVID symptoms up to 72 hours before the body starts showing symptoms

2. Low cost non-evasive Symptom Screening to know an employee’s status before spending money on Antigen Tests. The average cost for COVID testing at clinical facilities is $150

3. Reduce profit loss for businesses where tests have to be carried out frequently to contain the spread and to prevent it from causing more damage. Save loads of money Antigen test kits cost ($137 – $200) compared to the SniffDeez card

4. Convenient for places with limited resources

5. Rapid result in about a minute

6. Great Return On Investment

Branding - White Label

The scratch cards can be branded to suit customer request with a minimum order of 1 million units.

Shipping details will be further discussed depending on agreed quantity and timeline.


When any of our 5 senses are altered to properly determine this requires a sensitive and standardized test, such as a vision test or hearing test – especially when there is only partial alteration. Same with smell – this requires a quantitative smell (aka olfactory) test. For the loss of smell maybe very subtle and not noticed. There can be other effects such as foods may taste different.

Our SniffDeez cards are designed to detect what is hidden and are noticed and optimized. To help detect for Covid-19 induced loss of smell in a format that is fast, inexpensive, accurate and even fun.

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